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Worship Songs I Know by Heart

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Sep. 5th, 2008 | 05:02 pm

1.   I Love You Lord
2.   Holy Is the Lord
3.  God of Wonders
4.  How Great is Our God
5.  Immanuel (By Michael Card)

6.  Majesty ("Majesty, Worship His Majesty...")
7.  How Great Thou Art (1st and 3rd verse)
8.  Heart of Worship
9.  Above All
10.Open the Eyes of My Heart
11.As the Deer (All three verses)
12.Your Grace is Enough ---- (Wouldn't Sing on the Street Without Back-up Guitar)
13.You are Holy-- (Need Partner)
14.Jesus Loves Me
15.Jesus Loves the Little Children
16.Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) -- (1st, 2nd, and 4th verse)
17.Here I am to Worship
18.It is Well with Know My Soul (All four verses)
19.Lord I Lift Your Name On Higfh
20.Shout to the Lord
21.Awesome God
22.Step By Step
23.Air I Breathe
24.When I Look Into Your Holiness
25. Lord I Give you My Heart (This is My Desire....)
Ones I Didn't Recollect but That I Know

26.Draw Me Close
27.How Can I Keep From Singing
28.Friend of God
29.I am Free
30.I Exalt Thee
32.In the Secret
33.Give Thanks
34.Create In Me a Clean Heart
35.Change My Heart oh God
36.We Fall Down
37.More Love, More Power
38.Holiness is What I Long For


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